What do you get for your money?

You will receive two of your favourite images

A shoot me photographic session included 2 images per person.
Extra images are just $95 each. You can choose from full lengths, half lengths, head and shoulders or between different expressions.  Some of our clients choose to do a professional type look and then one with a huge personality shining through. It’s completely up to you. We will work with you to create any type of image that you after.

B/W versions are included at no extra cost

Black & White images have a powerful professional look. They inspire confidence, mystery and elegance. With this in mind we provide your images to you in both black & white and colour so that you have the utmost flexibility in how you use them. All images are supplied on disc and emailed in both high resolution for print and low resolution for web and email purposes.

Add $155 to create a dynamic group shot!

The perfect way to manage your group shots

We all know that staff members come and go, that’s why the STRIP is the perfect way to present your current team members. The STRIP allows us to regularly update your team portrait, simply by adding or subtracting staff members as needed. Each individual photograph is merged together creating the ultimate solution for keeping your group photos up to date!
Once we have photographed all of your team, we combine each individual photo into a STRIP for just $155 per group!


1 Person


5 - 9 People


10 - 14 People


15 - 24 People


25 - 50 People


Additional Images