Frequently Asked Questions

Can the shoot be done on location?

Yes. Although we are predominantly studio based we can come to you for an additional fee. Usually starting at $500 for a location shoot depending on what’s required.

Does the whole team need to come together to get the bulk rate?

Yes they do. The bulk discounts are only applicable when the whole team come in one after another and are shot in succession. If half the team comes at a different time then the rate reverts back to the number of people attending that particular time session.

Is professional hair and make up available?

Yes. We have three in-house hair and makeup artists. This would mean that you would have to be at the studio for a further 45 minutes and there is an additional fee of $80.

Can I have a group shot of the whole team?

Group shots can be a nightmare! So we have developed the best way to create your group shots. The STRIP allows us to regularly update your team portrait, simply by adding or subtracting staff members as needed. Each individual photograph is merged together creating the ultimate solution for keeping your group photos up to date! Once we have photographed all of your team, we combine each individual photo into a STRIP for just $155 per group!

How do I receive my images?

Chosen images from your session are provided on a DVD. We provide both a high resolution copy for print and a web optimised copy for email and internet usage. These will be provided to you on CD or emailed for your convenience.

How long does it take to get your images?

We know that your time is precious. Files will be ready for collection within 2 working days (quantity dependent). If we have photographed a larger team then we may need a few extra days to make everything perfect for you.

Can you make me look thinner and remove some wrinkles?

Absolutely. We all want to look as best we can. Every image is slightly retouched to remove blemishes and unwanted lines. We can even tuck away a double chin or shave off a few kilos if desired. You might like to give us an indication on how far you would like us to go with this.

How many images do I get?

A photographic session included 2 images per person. Extra images are just $95 each. You can choose from full lengths, half lengths, head and shoulders or between different expressions. Some of our clients choose to do a professional type look and then one with a huge personality shining through. It’s completely up to you. We will work with you to create any type of image that you are after.

Can I use the images on dating website like tinder?

Absolutely! Use the images where ever you like. Having great photos on Tinder can help people wipe right more often!

How can I use my images, what’s the copyright on them?

Each image is provided to you with full copyright usage. This means you can use them as many times as you like, where ever you like. We would hope that these images help make you famous and if they do, we would hope that you would always recommend us.